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Prevention is Better than Cure

During this #COVID19 pandemic, prevention is better than cure. This #WorldHealthDay, following protective measures like washing your hands, maintaining the social distance and take health Insurance to protect your Family.

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Take each other's hands to protect whom we love the most, Health insurance make secure life

We all individuals are assigned this role to serve the greatest purpose of us the strength to keep going but it is the help we get from the people around, So, be a helping hand to others rather than just being the praying lips.


Health insurance premiums chart: which is the best health insurance?

Each mediclaim scheme is tailor-made to cover the medical hazards of the policy holder. Nevertheless, there are some exclusions, which are either cover after a certain time period or not cover at all.


Oriental Health Insurance Critical Illnesses Plans

The policy that presents the only claims settlement course should be chosen. When the claim settlement process is easy, you can simply settle your claims. Financial Position - Once the authenticity of the company establishes, look at the monetary position of the Oriental Health Insurance company.


Is My Car Insured? How To Run A Car Insurance Check

Once you find the right prospect for car insurance premium, order a purchase and protect yourself and all your loved ones safely under the umbrella of the most effective cashless mediclaim policy for a home in India. When you buy health insurance for the entire house, you get tax benefits.

Insurance Policy - 5 Things To Consider according To A Finance Expert


Life Insurance During COVID-19 — 5 Things To Consider according To A Finance Expert | Money

I'm Devendra Shah From, author at 'HealthPlicy'. I made a big commitment. I have 15 years experience in the insurance field. And then I realized I needed to share my experience about life insurance policy. So today we're going to be talking about five things you should know when shopping for a life insurance policy.

1) How much do you need? Or How to Gift insurance policy for a family member?

The first step is figuring out how big of a life insurance policy you need. Now, even if you are covered through work, it might make sense for you to go ahead and have your own policy, especially one that isn't tied to you keeping your current job. Plus, that policy just might not be enough. A common rule of thumb when figuring out a life insurance policy is to 10 times your annual income.

Now, that is just a rule of thumb, and it's much better for you to actually run the numbers yourself. Now, when you're doing that, you want to consider things like your annual income. How much it would cost for you to have a funeral. As well as, big upcoming costs like sending children to college or any medical procedures your family members might need.

This isn't just about primary breadwinners and the working spouse. But, those who are primary caregivers and have children or parents who depend on them also need to have a life insurance policy. And the money from that policy can be directed towards getting new care for those dependents. Another thing to consider is whether or not you have cosigned loans.

If you do, you need to check the policy to see if those debts are discharged in the case of death. If not, you need to have a life insurance policy that's at least big enough to cover those debts for your cosigner. Life insurance can also be used to cover burial expenses because even a simple funeral can be very cost prohibitive for your family.

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2) Who is your beneficiary?

The person who receives the payout from your life insurance policy is known as your beneficiary. And when you sign up for the policy. You're going to need to know things like their full legal name, their address, their birth date and their Social Security number. Plus, it's a good idea for you to let your beneficiary know, in addition to including it in your will.

3) Should you wait for a life event before you get a policy?

The young and the healthier you are, the cheaper you can usually lock in a rate for your life insurance policy. That means that you might not want to wait for an event like a marriage or buying a house or starting a family in order to get your policy. In fact, women should get a life insurance policy prior to getting pregnant. Not only could your health change post-baby, but, this is morbid. You do need to consider maternal mortality.

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4) Do you need to go to the doctor?

Traditionally, you have to go to the doctor, maybe get some blood drawn and have a physical in order to get a life insurance policy, but today, there are options for you to apply online. Answer an extensive questionnaire about your medical history and possibly be offered a policy. Now, there could be a cutoff based on age or your medical history, but there are options to receive life insurance without having to go to the doctor. Number five, what type of policy best suits your needs? There are two main categories of life insurance, term and permanent.

When you hear the expression 'whole life insurance,' that falls under the umbrella permanent life insurance. Term life insurance is the simplest cost effective option. But it is a use it or lose it policy. Meaning that if you don't die during the term of the life insurance policy. Then, there is no cash payout. However, because it is simple and cost effective.

It often can be much easier to get the appropriate amount of coverage that you actually need. Permanent life insurance often has a six year sales pitch because of the cash value component. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best fit for you. A permanent life insurance policy might make more sense for you if you're already maxing out all other tax advantaged accounts or if it's part of an overall estate plan. Or if you have a disabled dependent who is going to need care after your death.

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5) Beware of the person who is trying to sell you your life insurance policy

He or she may call themselves a financial advisor, but that doesn't mean that they're a fiduciary working in your best interest and in fact, might just be receiving the highest commission for the policy that they're trying to sell you.

How to Gift insurance policy for a family member?

As a part of Indian culture, the tradition of gift giving has a special significance. Gift giving is a special gesture that shows the bond of love, concern and closeness between relationships. Be it on any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries or festivals, a perfect gift to your loved ones is always appreciated and nurtured by them. 

Ever thought about giving your loved ones financial security for a lifetime? The financial security. Independence of your family is extremely important and you struggle to provide for them as long as you are with them and work hard.

Beside this, the most relevant gift is to ensure a financial safety net to your family through your health insurance policy. A life insurance policy helps you to meet the short-term or long-term financial goals of your loved ones through a disciplined savings mechanism in the form of regular premium payments. There are various types of life insurance plans such as a term insurance plan, child plan, retirement plan, investment plan. Which act as a prudent gift by providing your loved ones with a strong financial system the means to meet their financial goals. Will do.

Whether depreciation imposed on an insurance policy in case of a claim -Miscellaneous Policy

1) Partial Repurchase of TTD Claims under PA Policy: The insured had an injury to the right thumb of a practicing doctor, for which he could not attend his practice for 6 weeks, for which he claimed TTD under his PA policy did. On the advice of the respondent's medical examiner, the respondent offered TTD for 2 weeks. In the absence of any other suitable index available, the Golden Mean rule was applied and the defendant was instructed to pay TTD for 4 weeks in full and final settlement of the claim.

Ahmedabad Ombudsman Centre
Case No. 11-005-0034
Dr. G T Patel Vs Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.
Award Dated : 25.10.2007

2) Repatriation of claim under travel elite policy. During a trip abroad in a tourist coach, the insure has to lose his passport, passenger's check, cash, gold, jewelry, credit card, bag and his belongings due to fire. The defendant admitted liability only for the lost passport. The policy terms of the above policy specifically cover coverage for loss of jewelry, valuables, cash etc. Also the lost item is not checked and not 'checked' and hence its loss is not covered as per the terms of the contract. As such, the decision of the respondent to settle the claim for the lost passport was only upheld.

Ahmedabad Ombudsman Centre
Case No. 11-011-0146
Mr. V Desai Vs Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Award Dated : 18.10.2007

3) Repayment of claim under House Holder Insurance Policy: The complainant submitted that heavy rain / flood property destroyed 'domestic property. The claim was revoked on the grounds that the policy covers the insured's related household property at home at the address printed on the policy schedule. Since, the destroyed household items were lying at a different address as the policy violates the policy conditions. As such, the decision of the respondent to revoke the claim was upheld.

Ahmedabad Ombudsman Centre
Case No. 11-002-0152
Mr. K J Bodar Vs New India Assurance Company Ltd.
Award Dated: 24.10.2007

4) P. A. Revocation of claim under. Policy: The insured suffered an accidental glass injury, leaving deep wounds in the right arm. He was admitted to the hospital for treatment. The treating orthopedist recommended rest for 9 weeks. The defendant referred the case paper to his medical referee for opinion.

The TTD was proposed to be dealt with for 6 weeks. According to the referee's opinion, for which the insured was unhappy. According to the treating doctor's report, the insured was confined to his bed / house. The complainant insisted that the treating doctor is the best judge to fix the period so that the patient would be confined to the bed.

In addition, a medical opinion was taken early in the injury. As with all professional skills, it cannot be final and conclusive from the report of the treating doctor. The claim was settled for 9 weeks of TTD as demanded by the complainant.

Ahmedabad Ombudsman Centre
Case No. 11-004-0115
Mr. V J Shah Vs United India Insurance Company Ltd.
Award Dated: 24.10.2007

5) Repatriation of claims under Overseas Personal Travel Insurance Policy. The insured's bag was stolen during a visit to Bangkok. He lodged an FIR at the local police station and claimed for financial emergency assistance over the telephone. The executive over the telephone agreed to send $ 600 the next day. However, since, entering Malaysia the next day, the complainant, after returning to India, requested permission to claim, which was agreed upon.

The terms and conditions of the policy define 'financial emergency' as a situation in which the insured loses all or a substantial amount of his travel funds due to theft, such as having a detrimental effect on his travel plans. From the added documents, it was clear that the co-tourists helped the insured and she continued the tour for the next 8 days. Thus, it was confirmed that the theft did not lead him to the financial urges of nature as defined in the policy terms. In addition, there was no concrete evidence to mislead the insured over the telephone by officers. As such, defendant's decision to uphold the claim was upheld.

Ahmedabad Ombudsman Centre
Case No. 11-012-0063
Case No. 11-012-0025
Ms. H R Parmar & Mr. H R Parmar Vs ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Award Dated: 29.10.2007

6) Revocation of claim under HHI policy. The property of the insured was damaged in a flood in Surat. It was claimed by the defendants that the surveyor found that the subject premises was not a dwelling, but was a warehouse being used for commercial purposes and that HHI policy included only dwellings. According to the dictionary, housing is a house that is used as a residence and not for a commercial purpose. From the picture of the premises, it is seen that the property had iron rolling shutters commonly used in motor garages or warehouses. In view of this, no further relief was given to the complainant.

Ahmedabad Ombudsman Centre
Case No. 11-010-0325
Ms. A P Gandhi Vs  IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Award Dated : 22.03.2008

7) The insured complainant obtained a maritime inland transit policy from National Insurance Company Limited for transportation of its household cargo from Durgapur to Rourkela by truck. The journey started on 29-04-2005. The insured complainant filed a claim for goods damaged during transit. The surveyor appointed Insurer assessed the loss for A. Amount of Rs. 5025 / against the estimate of Rs. 31,000 /.

The insured complainant received an amount of Rs 5025 from the insurer and lodged the complaint due to low settlement. The Insurer while filing a Self Contad Note stated that the surveyor assessed the damages that were damaged due to transit and did not consider the loss which was not covered under the policy. During the hearing, the insurer made his case in the SCN.

The insured complainant stated that the insurer settled the claim for a very palette amount. During the hearing, the insured complainant was directed to submit the repair bills and cash memos of the damaged articles to this forum within a month. But the insured complainant did not comply. So, the Honorable Ombudsman upheld the retaliation as the assessment of the loss by the surveyor is in order.

Bhubaneswar Ombudsman Centre
Case No.14– 003-0213
Sri S.R. Rao Vs National Insurance Co. Ltd.
Award Dated: 14.01.2008

What is the expiry time for an indemnity bond for insurance policy?

The period of compensation is the period for which benefits are payable under the insurance policy. It is also used to denote the time period for which compensation. Or compensation is payable under the business interruption policy. The period of compensation is usually the most important component of determining the amount of business interruption losses.

Extended period of compensation

The compensation period can be extended so that the policy covers the loss beyond the event. The post-event reinstatement period. Extended periods of indemnity are typically found within commercial interruption insurance policies. Business interruption insurance covers revenue. So, income that a company has lost as a result of the loss of its establishment. That's it.



5 points for requirements of Health Insurance - best tips for 2020


How to pick the Best HEALTH INSURANCE Policy for SELF and FAMILY?

Should I opt for my own health insurance plan when I already have a company health policy? This is one question which is asked quite often and it's truly a valid question because like everything else a company health plan has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we shall lay the pros and the cons of simply continuing your group health insurance plan versus complementing it with a personal health insurance plan.

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Let's get started, a group health insurance plan is quite a useful compensation benefit and here are five points in support of it,

1. Under a group "health insurance" plan you as an employee don't have to pay any premiums

which means your health insurance comes to you free of cost.

2. Group health insurance not only covers you but, in most cases, it also covers your spouse

and up to two children sometimes three.

3 The waiting period for hospitalization is waived off in case of most group plans which means your health cover starts from the day it is allotted.

4. There are no medical checks before enrolling into a group health insurance plan.

5. Most importantly, group health insurance plans generally cover pre-existing illness

from day one which is by far the biggest gain from these plans.

5 points for requirements of Health Insurance

Medicare & Employer Coverage | Should You Enroll in Part B?

It is quite difficult to argue that a personal health insurance policy will add any value to a corporate group health policy. Here, there are some arguments presented by the opposing team who believe that it makes good financial prudence that you complement your group plan with a personal health insurance policy.

Here some of their points first the very assumption that all organizations offer health insurance benefits is flawed according to a 2015. Benefit trends survey only 44% of Indian companies of a group health cover as an employee benefit.

Which means, if you to move to one of those 56% companies which don't offer group health insurance then you can face a massive financial stress during a medical emergency. 

Secondly, the continuity of group health benefits is often just a downturn away when companies will look at ways of reducing expenses. The acts will most certainly fall on the group Health Insurance Program. As, companies may reduce the coverage of a policy from five lakhs to two lakhs or maybe ask employees to copy some part of the premium or apply certain supplements.

Health Insurance Part-2

What’s more, argument is the general inadequacy of the group health insurance plan most group health insurance plans are either 2 lakhs or 3 lakhs of coverage now. We presented a case to maintain your health insurance at least 6 times of your monthly salary for someone earning 80,000 rupees per month.

Our salary or 2 lakh health insurance cover will be quite a case of under insurance the difference between the requirement and the actual needs to be bridged with a personal health insurance plan.

Finally, a corporate health insurance plan will almost never last beyond your retirement even if you were covered through these plans throughout your working life to start a health plan at the age of 60.

It would be never a good idea because in addition to the struggles of finding an insurer who will accept your case you have to deal with waiting periods exclusions on any pre-existing illnesses that you might have.

Heavy sub limits on certain procedures a very effective strategy employed by lakhs of Indians is to have both the corporate plan and the individual plan. This way you have an added cushion in case your medical emergency goes over the corporate plan.


Does Oriental health insurance family floater policy include Corona disease claim?

Oriental Insurance wants to assure all its customers that we and all our partners including the Third-Party Administrators are prepared to meet the exigency created by the COVID 19 Pandemic. We confirm that all Health Claims cashless and reimbursement will be settled expeditiously and our customers are our first priority today. Please contact the TPA mentioned on your Policies / Cashless card for immediate assistance. Be safe, be healthy. 

Should employees also seek to have employee’s medical insurance?

Are you planning to work past age 65 and wondering what you should do about Medicare?

Well, you're certainly not alone. We help baby boomers navigate their Medicare entry. In this article, I'll discuss which parts of Medicare you need to enrol in if you're still working and how the size of your employer affects that decision. Stick with me until the end of the article, and I'll also tell you the one circumstance in which people working should never enrol in any part of Medicare.

I've also got a freebie for you that will help you decide whether or not to enrol in Part B. When you are turning 65 and you have employer group health coverage or coverage through a spouse's employer, the size of the employer determines whether you should enrol in just Part A or both Part Aand Part B.

If the employer has more than 20 employees, then that employer coverage is primary and Medicare will be secondary. In this scenario, most people just enrol in Part A, which is Medicare's hospital coverage.

Understanding Health Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be a Burden

The reason for this is that Part A costs nothing at age 65 for most people. Your payroll taxes throughout your lifetime have already prepaid for Part A. So enrolling in Part A won't hurt you, and it could help to reduce expenses if you have a hospital stay.

You can delay your enrolment into Parts B and D, however, because those parts provide outpatient coverage and drug coverage, which your employer coverage already offers.

Also, Parts B and Dhave monthly premiums you would pay. So, by delaying them, you can save paying those premiums for now. Later on, when you retire, you'll have a special election period to enrol in Parts B and D with no late penalties.

On the other hand, if the employer coverage has less than 20 employees, then Medicare will be primary and the employer coverage will be secondary. In this scenario, you need to enrol in both A and B. Skipping Part B in this situation will likely result in you covering 80% of your own outpatient expenses and get you a Medicare late penalty as well.

Now, in my introduction, I mentioned that there was one situation in which you would not want to enrol in any part of Medicare while you're still working.

The situation is this, if you have a high deductible health plan and a health savings account that goes with that, you shouldn't enrol in any part of Medicare if you plan to continue contributing into that HSA or accepting contributions into that account from an employer.

Quality Improvement in Healthcare

IRS rules do not allow you to contribute into an HAS if you have any other insurance coverage, and that includes Medicare Part A. You should also be aware that when you start taking Social Security income benefits, your enrolment into Part A will happen automatically.

The two are linked. And you cannot take income benefits without Part A being active as well. So, this means if you want to continue contributing into an HSA, you cannot enrol in Social Security income benefits either.

What you can do with your health savings account, if you have one, is spend the funds that you've accumulated in the past for medical expenses that you have under Medicare now. You can use those funds for Medicare deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance, and even premiums.

Lastly, I want to let you know about one thing that we see happen so often. Sometimes your employer forgets to notify Medicare when you retire. If you were working for a large employer over 20 employees and Medicare was paying secondary, Medicare still thinks it's paying secondary. So, you go to the doctor or hospital, and you use your Medicare card, and your providers bill Medicare, and all the bills get rejected.

Most Medicare beneficiaries have no idea how to fix a billing nightmare like this. Fortunately, if you enrolled in your Medigap policies through Boomer Benefits, you'll have free access to our client service team, and all you do is call us, and we'll conference in Medicare to fix it.

We also contact all of your providers with instructions on how to re-bill Medicare, so that those bills won't fall on your shoulders. Working with us is absolutely free. All right, folks, that's it for today.

Final Words,

Now you know what to do about enrolling in Medicare when you're turning 65, but still have active employer group health coverage.

It really helps us to spread the word. I'd also love to know how many of you are still working

and how long you plan to work after age 65. Drop your answer in the Comments section below.

And finally, if you'd like to get our Do I Need Part B cheat sheet, I've linked it in the notes below this.

Thanks for reading.




Importance of Pre Insurance Medical Check Up | Best tips with HealthPolicy.XYZ

Importance of Pre Insurance Medical Check Up

Importance of pre-insurance check up - What is a Pre-Policy or Pre-Insurance Medical check-up?

Welcome, on behalf of Thanks for watching this hideout Topic for Today is "Pre-Insurance Health Check-up Consultancy fee is 499What is Pre-Insurance Medical Check-up? Whenever your policy is issued in an insurance company. The person responsible for issuance is known as underwriter, he checks your health status Whether you are Healthy or Not?

If a person is not healthy, no insurance company wants to give policy to him / her. In case of Chronic Asthma, Cancer, Heart Problem (Stent) or a Combo of BP and Diabetes Mostly companies refuse to give insurance policy to a person with such ailments. Another case is a Person with a chronic disease in young age Issuance of policy depends on business model of that insurance company.

Importance of pre-insurance check up

Every company has different underwriting norms. So, Company can give or refuse policy to such a person as per their underwriting norms. Most Company ask for Compulsory Pre-Insurance Medical Check-up, if you age crosses 46 years. The decision of issuance or rejection will depend on outcome of this Pre-Insurance Medical Check upmost company have clear guidelines that if out of 5 or 6 disease, any one is diagnosed in this check-up.

Then, they will issue the policy taking that disease as Pre-Existing Disease with waiting period. Many companies ask for loading amount at commencement of policy. Every company has different criteria. Recently, few companies have decided to waive off Pre-Insurance Medical check-up, even if your age is up to 60.

Its sounds very good that we can get policy without Pre-Insurance Health check-up. What are the Pros and Cons of such offer? In my opinion, there is not even a single benefit in buying a policy without Pre-Insurance Health check-up During Consultancy, we discuss with lots of our clients and try to identify a medical condition.

What are the tests usually conducted?

Many people say "We are perfectly fine, there is no medical history. Just a single tablet for BP on daily basis, as such I don't have any disease “They are not aware that taking a single tablet for BP makes them a Patient of Hypertension. So, Hypertension is your Pre-Existing Disease. It will have waiting period of 3 or 4 years in your insurance policy.

If you ignore in declaring it on an assumption that I am taking an insignificant medicine. Beware, this is a clear case of fraud or Non-disclosure of facts. While buying policy, if you do not declare this medicine unknowingly or intentionally. If insurance company came to know about this medicine after few years, then they will simply reject a related or unrelated claim.

Fewer chances of claim denial

Company has the right to cancel the policy also without any refund of paid premium. Many people are taking certain medicine and don’t understand the importance of declaring it, taking in a policy, where no Pre-Insurance Health check-up is done. Later on, their claims are rejected and premium paid for so many years, is also forfeited.

Many so-called big brands in India has started a wrong practice of issuing policy without Pre-Insurance Health check-up till Age 60. Only ONE person benefits from such decision. that is "THE INSURANCE AGENT “When a person is buying a policy for first time, mostly they are not aware of policy terms as well underwriting norms.

Only an Insurance agent is aware of this information. Our Consultancy fee is 499. We have seen numerous events in past many years, where insurance agent has not guided consumers properly. Some disease is not disclosed. In future, they faced problems in claim settlement. If no pre insurance health check-up has happened, then you are 100% dependent on your insurance agent. (Or a call centre employee in case of online policy)

Importance of Pre Insurance Medical Check Up

Reason one should get a health check-up

If you ever face a situation, where you have to choose a policy with medical check-up or without medical chuckwallas choose the Policy, which is asking for Pre-Insurance Health check-up. What are the benefits of choosing such policy? In beginning, there is some time wastage as well extra efforts in undergoing Pre-Insurance Health check-up.

Many times, an unknown disease is detected in Pre-Insurance Health check-up Biggest benefit of these efforts is ...Because you underwent that pre insurance medical check-up, whenever you face an issue in a claim in future, you will have an upper hand in such situation. You declared everything honestly in the proposal form, you went of company designated lab for the Pre-Insurance Health check-up.

Why one should get a health check-up?

The policy is duly issued by underwriter as per information in proposal form and Pre-Insurance Health check-up. In case of buying a policy without Pre-Insurance Health check-up, 99% chances are that client is not aware of all questions in proposal form. In case of online policy bought from either an online insurance website / broker or direct buying from company without pre insurance health checkup. If a dispute happen in a future claim after few years.

Its will be responsibility of the policyholder to prove any non disclosure / material fact. If company accuse a policyholder you have not disclosed the medicine at the inception of the policy. How will you prove it?Or in case of a genuine objection, you are unable to produce a medical document. In many instance, if a policy is being bought from Banks.

These are low cost policies and will sure close in few years. That is a major drawback. Mostly when a person is buying such low cost policy, they don't read the proposal form before signingIf Banker has not ask you all questions diligently or you forget to mention, then already mistakes has happened here.

So policy will be processed in incorrect manner as many things are not mentioned in proposal form.Our Consultancy fee is 499Many times, people see certain comfort in getting a policy without any hassle of Pre-Insurance Health Checkup.This way, its very comfortable to buy a policy in beginning. (Any such easy sale makes Insurance agent very happy)Buy in long term, there will be many problems.

The best time to get a health check-up and a term insurance?

Remember, whenever some dispute will happen in future, where the company has doubts as per your proposal form and material facts from treating doctor ..Your cashless is rejected and you have to apply for reimbursement.As Company has found during claim that you have hidden certain facts at the time of buying policy, they ask you for a medical document,Now Onus lies on policyholder to prove it.

A policyholder has to do lots of efforts in such a situation.My simple advice is "Why not put lessor efforts in the beginning, when you are buying a policy"So whenever you have a choice, Pl choose a policy with compulsory Pre Insurance Health Checkup.There are many policies for people above age 60, where no medical check up is required.

If you want to buy such sub standard product, Pl get a health checkup done on your own before you buy a policy.Whatever are the findings in such checkup, Share that in the proposal form of the company Whether you have done medical check up on your own, or it was company sponsored Annual Checkup.

To Remain Covered even in the Worst Condition

Whenever there is a diagnosis of a condition, even in future, Pl share it with company.Or have a review process established with your agent and discuss with him.Or Maintain that document in box file at Home.Insurance is a very simple product.But due to many elements, there is always a chance of mistake.

It can happen at Hospital It can happen while you are filling form (or even not reading it especially, when you buy online)Even your agent can do some mistake Sometimes medical check up are done wrongly. There are lots of human factors, which are involved, when you buy a policy.Whosoever commit a mistake, but its the policy holder, who suffers most.Mostly, it does not affect insurance company It's the Policy holder, who is signing the proposal form and declare following.

It Makes You Accountable towards Your Health

I hereby declare, on my behalf and on behalf of all persons proposed to be insured, that the above statements, answers and / or particulars given by me are true and complete in all respects to the best of my knowledge I further declare that I will notify in writing any change occurring in the occupation or general health of the life to be insured / proposer after the proposal has been submitted but before communication of the risk acceptance by the company.

Pl note, Its the Proposer, Who is solely responsible for declaring all facts ..We will keep on making more articles.I thank you for your support as we have completed one year of our channel today. (Jan 2019)If you see any value addition, Pl like and share this article, Pl subscribe our channel.If you click on bell icon after subscribing our channel, you will get notification as we release a new article.You can visit above article to see the process of our consultancy. Thanks for watching.

List of Pre-Policy Medical Check Up:

●Fasting blood sugar
●Blood pressure
●Lipid profile
●Blood serum test, etc.

These tests are not much of a hassle and are generally performed in the tie-up hospitals of the insurer. So, wade off the fear of pre-policy medical check up, choose the insurance plan as per your needs and enjoy full coverage.


5 Tips to Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy in India | The Hidden Truth

5 Tips to Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy in India

Term insurance - How to choose best plan?

Hello friends, Devendra here. There is no doubt you will need a health insurance. If you don't have one, you should definitely take a health insurance for yourself and for your family. But, how will you choose the right and the best health insurance which is available in India?

Which health insurance plan is the right one for you?.In this article, I am going to tell you 5 Tips to Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy in India | The Hidden Truth for customers. These are some tips which most people overlook when they try to find the right health insurance plan for themselves.

Costs, insurability, and underwriting

Welcome back to, Online Insurance consultation. So let's get started. The First point that you should consider is, The network hospitals Which the insurance company has a tie-up with. Instead of going behind insurance companies and searching for the best insurance companies, what you should be doing is, find out the best Hospital in your area.

Choose The Right Connected Hospital First

Select that hospital which has the most number of specialty doctors, which has all the specialty departments in it, which has all the facilities, and then ask the hospital with which insurance company they have a cashless claim tie-up. They will give you a list of insurance companies with whom they have a direct tie up and from that list usually selecting your insurance company.

You can double-check that by visiting the insurance company's website, selecting your state, then your district.You can find the list of hospitals with which the insurance company has a tie-up.These group of hospitals with which the insurance company have a direct tie-up, these are called as a network hospitals, who sometimes called as connected hospitals.

Permanent life insurance: The Room Rent

The advantages of a cashless claim is huge, particularly when an emergency condition such as a surgery pops up in your life. You don't have to go run around searching for money, arranging the money to do the surgery orto pay off the hospital bills.Your insurance company will be directly paying the hospital, and you will not have to take a single penny out of your pocket.

The second point to note is the maximum room rent the insurance company lays down in its insurance plan. Most of the insurance companies have amaximum capping of the room rent which the customer can avail. For example, if an insurance plan offers capping of 2500 rupees as the maximum room rent per day,and if you are opting an air-conditioned room a single room with a room rent of 3500 per day.

Normally what we think is that we will have to pay a difference of1000 rupees every day for the period of hospital admission. But, that is far from the truth. Actually what happens is that there is something which is called as proportionate direction. I will explain what a proportionate deduction is.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy in India

Is whole life insurance worth it?

Based on the hospital fee structure, the service charges, the hospital fees, the doctors fee, the nurses fee, and everything will be different. For the patients who are admitted in a general ward, a shared room and in a standard AC room and even in a deluxe room. All these charges will be different.

So if you are thinking that you will have to just pay a 1000 rupees difference? you are wrong! Because in the AC standard room that you are chosen, the doctors fee will be higher, the nursing fee will be higher, the service charges will be higher, the procedure charges will be higher, and you will have to shell out the extra difference from your pocket, and this difference the insurance company is not going to cover this difference and that is called a proportionate deduction.

Health insurance With Minimum Waiting period

So, Always keep in mind to choose the right room. If you already have a policy or else if you are trying to find a new health insurance policy for yourself, try to find out those insurance companies which does not restrict on the daily room rent, or go for those companies which offers a single standard air-conditioned room without putting a maximum limit on the maximum room rent that you can avail every day.

The third thing that you should be looking for is something called as the waiting period or the freezing period.Most of the insurance companies have a waiting period of one year or two years. That means, after taking the policy you will not be able to make any claims within the waiting period.

When is whole life insurance worth it?

Most of the standard companies have a waiting period of one to two years, and it will be different for different conditions.For example, the pregnancy charges the delivery charges will not be covered in the waiting period, a surgery will not be covered in the waiting period, and all these details will be given finally printed in the terms and conditions which you are obviously not going to read completely.

So, always inquire these things before you finally make a decision to go with a certain specific health insurance policy. Point number four is revealing your pre-existing medical conditions or surgical conditions. Now what most people tend to do is that they hide whatever medical conditions they had when they are taking or filling up the form for the health insurance policy.

Is Life Insurance a Smart Investment?

You should never do this, because the health insurance company is anyway going to find out your previous medical history when you raise a claim, and when they find out that you had a previous existing medical condition for which you are raising the claim right now. They are going to deny it, They are going to reject it.

So instead of keep on pressing the next button menu filling of the online form or when you are filling of the form offline in a paper, always reveal your medical conditions whether it be a high blood pressure, diabetes, a heart condition, a kidney problem, liver disease, whatever that you are suffering from that you have been diagnosed earlier.

Reveal it, write it down, and let them know that you have these conditions.The premium will be a bit higher. But you can be assured that these companies are going to settle your claim if god forbid something bad happens to you, and when you are trying to raise a claim at the time of an emergency, you are policy your claim doesn't get rejected.

Whole Life Insurance: What It Is & How It Works?

The nextpoint is choosing a insurance policy which covers pre hospitalization as well as post hospitalization expenses. A standard health insurance company is going to cover anywhere between one month pre-hospitalization and 90 days post-hospitalization. Some companies even go up to 120 days of post-hospitalization.

That means all the medical expenses all the expenses for the purchase of medicines after discharge, your ambulance fees, allthetests you've done before you got admitted in the hospital, all these things are going to be covered under these policies. So make sure that you choose a health insurance policy which covers at least one month pre hospitalization and 90 days post hospitalization expenses.

Stay Away From Third Party Administrators

If you don't have a cashless claim, you should also keep in mind to keep all the bills reports the doctor's prescription everything in original and duplicate and you should apply for the claim within one month of discharge. Next point is something related to third party administrators. Now there are some insurance companies which do not have a claim settlement team of their own.

So what they do is that they depend on certain other companies which are called as third party administrators to inquire into the claim. Now these third party administrators goes into the hospital checks whether the patient has got admitted or not ,what all tests has been done, what are the procedures the patient has underwent. Now that's the job of these third party administrators.

Is life insurance worth it? Reveal your current health Condition

Now the problem with third party administrators is that they act as a link between yourself, your Hospital, and your insurance company. So if you are raising a cashless claim, it is going to be delayed When a third party administrator has got involved. Your discharge will be getting delayed. You will have to shell out some money from your pocket and the overall experience is not going to be so good when compared to another health insurance company which has its own claim settlement team.

Now this has happened to me when my father got admitted for an angioplasty procedure. Our hospital stay was not a pleasant one,there was a third party administrator involved in our case, and the discharge process got delayed. Even though we had a cashless claim the whole process got delayed because of the involvement of the third party administrator.

So what Irecommend is that you should always go with a health insurance company which has its own or in-house claim settlement team. Now there are some other special plans such as the cancer care plan and there are other topper plans, super topper plans, which you can get in addition to the policies that you're holding. The topper plans and the superb topper plans will cover the amount in extra of what the sum assured you have been guaranteed.

Top-up and Super Top-Up plans

If you have hospital expenses in any process the amount which your policy has assured then the super topper plans was going to help you out. The super topper plans will also come at a low premium. So you should always consider buying a super topper plan if you're some assured is on the lower side below two lakhs or below three lakhs, and you should always go for special plans such as cancer care plans if someone in your family has already been diagnosed with cancer, if you are at a higher risk of developing a cancer in the future.

Now another miss concept which most people think is that, if you disclose about the insurance at the time of admission, the doctors are going to over treat you they are going to do unwanted procedures, unwanted surgeries and all. Now this is actually a misunderstanding, because all the insurance companies have their own team of medical doctors.

These doctors are going to check in with your treating doctor whether the procedure was actually required or not. Whether the diagnostic test your doctor has written was actually required or not. For that reason the doctor who is treating you will be on the cautious side. He is not going to write unwanted tests or do any unwanted procedures.

Give Details About Insurance at The Time of Admission

So, this is actually a convenience. You can actually have a peace of mind because of the fact that you don't have to spend any money when it comes to a hospital and admission, when it comes to an emergency hospital procedure, or a surgery. So if you haven't subscribed to a health insurance policy. Please do it right now. It is an absolute necessary in this age and if you already have a health insurance policy please let me know which insurance policy you are using whether you are raised any claims and how was your experience after raising an insurance claim.

So I hope you really liked this article, if you haven't subscribed to our Channel, please subscribe right now and when you do that, please click on the bell icon, so that you don't miss out on any of our future articles. I will talk to you guys in the next article. Until then it is me. prasoon signing off. Take care, stay healthy and thank you so much for reading.


Life and Health Insurance Agent TIPS FOR BEGINNERS (3 Things You MUST KNOW Before Getting a License)

3 Things You MUST KNOW Before Getting a License

Health information management

So if you're at the point in life where you're thinking about getting into the life and health insurance business stay with me, because, I'm going to talk with you. Specifically, about the traits and characteristics that one should have and the things they should be thinking about. If they're gonna get into this business.

Hi, my name is Devendra Shah and over the last 15 years I've been an agent, a manager, owner operator of an insurance brokerage, and for the last six or seven years I've been a business coach traveling the country helping agents. Agency owners grow their practices and today. I'm gonna try and help you grow yours.

If you've been on YouTube before then you know the game please hit subscribe and ring the bell. So again if you're at that point in life where you're thinking about getting into the insurance business you've got to figure out what's important to you. You have to figure out what you're looking for.

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Business inside relationship

I can only tell you what I was looking for and what was important to me when I was at that point in life and maybe that'll help you a little bit in your own decision. For me, I had about four or five things that were just musts for me. Number one, I'd been self-employed most of my life and so a nine-to-five job it just wasn't in the cards for me.

We  always have been one that really valued the ability to control my own time. I've been on enough sales jobs that I knew that I wanted to be able to control how much money I made and more importantly I want to make sure that there wasn't a ceiling on how much money I could make.

I wanted the sky to be the limit for me. I wanted to make sure and this may or may not be important, but to me I want to make sure I left a footprint that when I'm gone from this earth that I could look back or my kids could look back and say he did something you know in a career like this on a weekly basis if not a daily basis I walk out of people's homes and I know that I helped to change somebody's lives.

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Professional Experience Internship

There's a really big benefit there that some people don't realize until they have it. Obviously, I want to make sure there was a marketplace for where I was gonna go into then my new career at. And in this business, the baby boomer bubble kind of solidified that baby boomers are really who our target market is and obviously I knew that with that being our target market, I knew we were going to have clients and people needing my services for as long as I Plan to be working.

And then the final thing is I wanted to make sure that there was a plan for how am I going to get in front of those people, a marketing plan. Those are just some of the things that I was looking for. Again you've gotta figure out what's important to you. So now let's talk about some traits or some skill sets that if if those things that I just mentioned are you share and those are important to you.

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Fundamental Analysis of Insurance Sector

Let's talk about some things that you may want to take a self-reflection on and see if this person is you because these are some skill sets that I think are almost mandatory if you're going to become an insurance agent in a life and health field. Number one: you need to understand and realize that there are no guarantees.

There's no financial guarantees okay so you better have a little bit of money set aside because it could be a couple two or three months before you really start making any consistent money. And you better have some thick skin. In our business,marketing is everything and there is no way around using the phone okay.

You're gonna call a lot of people for a lot of days and a lot of weeks of your entire career. It's a monotonous job sometimes. And you're gonna get told no a lot. You got to be okay with that. You got to be able to swipe that off your back and goto the next phone call. You've got to be able to multi-task. My day to day is all over the board: from setting appointments, to running appointments ,to running the business, and everything in between.

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3 Things You MUST KNOW Before Getting a License

Health Insurance for Beginners

There's just a lot of things that come with being an insurance agent and especially if you're talking about actually building a practice. Again you got to have strong phone skills. The thick skin isn't always just on the phone. It's also in homes sometimes. And you've got to be willing to continually learn.

I've been in this business for 15 years and I'm still learning every single day.You've got to be able to get your mind practice where every single day for 15minutes when you start the day you're just reading about things and learning. It's a never never ending learning process in the retirement planning practice or in the insurance business.

You've got to have a major focus on detail and I know that flies in the face of a lot of you type A personalities and so if that's not a normal characteristic for you then to me the only fix on that is having an attention on FOCUS okay and building systems out. It organizes your day a lot better. Again money management skills.

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Policyholders Past Outlined

I've talked a little bit about that, but here's the deal... I don't care if you've been in this business for a month or you've been in this business for a year, you are gonna have a rollercoaster. When you look at the income on your bank statement sthere's good months there's bad months and sometimes there's droughts.

There's gossip probably as long as you're doing all the right things you're gonna have some great months but you better be able to save some money from those great months to get through the bad months. Money management skill is so vital when becoming an all commission insurance agent.

I look at the first year as a game of survival. If you can get past that first year your life is gonna be so much easier. In fact I normally tell people if you can get past that first year you're probably gonna retire in this business because there's two or three things that just happen that makes life so much easier in year two from year one progressive insurance login.

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Progressive Insurance Wikipedia

Number one is a little thing called residuals. At some point  probably month thirteen depending on exactly what you're selling you're gonna start getting paid a little bit of money from a sale you made a year ago.And so money is gonna become a little bit easier the longer you go.

Especially you get into year two and year three it just gets easier and easier because your residual income gets bigger. Time is a big one. Right when you're first starting out you're doing so many things. You're learning so many things.You're trying out so many new things. After that year it just things start to kind of click. Maybe a little bit earlier than a year.

Maybe month ten, eleven,twelve things just click for you. You get it and can do things in half the time which means you can do more of the things that make you money. And the final thing is if you're doing it right and you're building a database of clients instead of a database of sales what's gonna happen is is not only you're gonna have residuals because your policies that you've sold them are gonna stay on the books.

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Protections closed loopholes & bills leading cause

But, you're gonna start to build a book of people that look at you as their adviser and give you referrals and help you build your bookeven bigger. Okay I think that these are some real big characteristics some traits and some skill sets and just some big tip items that you need to bethinking about if you're thinking about getting into this business. I'm obviously bias.

I think it's from a timing standpoint with the baby boomer bubble still happening I think it's one of the greatest industries you could possibly get into, but you've got to be willing to do the things we just talked about. And if you can't do those things, it's gonna be really hard for you.


Okay, I hope that the things we talked about fit you. I hope you find a way to get into this business. It is such a great, rewarding, lucrative business in so many ways. I hope this video hit home with some of you. If so please do me a favor and like and subscribe and we'll make sure you have access to our whole library of videos that we're putting out for everybody in this field.Hope you have a great day and we look forward to seeing you in the next video.



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