Senior citizen best family Health Insurance with Bharti AXA 2020 ~ Health Policy

Senior citizen best family Health Insurance with Bharti AXA 2020


Health insurance for parents

In addition, in addition to the financial questionnaire, an agent report / SM or BDM report may be submitted to avoid selection of a protest. I recently purchased MetProtect on-line after doing a little research on sub-optimal on-line term plans. The Aviva I-Life Time Period Plan covers 360 diplomas of death (I found this from Aviva's product specialist) except for suicide within a year of taking the policy. I am 21 years old and plan to buy a license for myself and for my family health insurance policy.
Also, I have become permanently weak and really confused as to how much I need to insure and how to remodel my current CIC policies. They have a very high premium and a very low sum insured. Neither, I smoke nor drink and the diseases have no historical past. I actually have an amount of 10 L and can take another loan of 50 L in the future.

Health insurance organizations

I am looking for a good term insurance that can give me the coveted 1Cr + protection in the market for pre-settlement at risk. If you are looking for a time period of Rs 50 lakhs for a period of time. Then, I would advise you to go for 15 years of repayment of time. Recently, I have also discontinued my endowment policy from MetLife and must take a term insurance from Aviva (as advised by you in an earlier post) for at least 50L.

What would you suggest?

Single plan (can be lakhs) or multiple plan (10 or 20 lakhs each). Also understand that as an all time-period plan. There is a question - “Has any other firm increased your premium for some reason? ".
You will put a yes, a dangerous sign for the corporate there and so they will probably raise the extra premium. When I approached HDFC for family health insurance plan of 1 crore. They initially paid a premium of 11000+. But Medicare After the tests they have updated it to 24000+.
I want to buy internet term insurance with mandatory medical test and already own HDFC Click 2 Shield and have a little faith in the SBI brand name.
Also, I'm looking for a term plan with a security of 1 crore (AD + CI + DR component included). In the last 12 months I had secured Bharti AXA Elite for 25 years of S / A. After studying this blog. Yesterday, I applied to SBI Smart Shield for a period of 60 years for a period of 60 years. Now I plan to discontinue the Bharti AXA policy from next year and It will choose another option of 40L instead of Bharti AXA. 74 years / (including tax) as premium of 40L at my present age for 30 years to come.
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