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Gods life in the Hindu Mythology!

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How great is our god?

God, We can claim without any regrets that we have lovely and adorable wife who take care of our family, to create family and support in every conditions. If you are modern men, you've probably had caring wife who actually professionally expert as well as diligent by nature. But we never thought about those great people who never got this opportunity in history, in fact, they created their remarkable legends which are epic in the Hindu Mythology. Omg.

Four Sanat kumar

1) Four Sanat Kumar(Eternal youth):

Initially, the Manvantara 
(Swayambhuva Manvantara) God Brahmmaji had created seven Saptarshis. Namely, 

- Atri, 
- Angira, 
- Pulaha, 
- Pulatsya, 
- Bhrigu, 
- Maricha, 
- Vashistha

Afterwards, the creation of Seven Saptarshis by God Brahma. He created four sages. They are explained as the first mind-born creations and sons of the creator-god Bramha who appeared as infant, when god took responsibility for creation of Universe.

According to Hindu puran, these four sanat kumars had remained 5 years constant. Besides that, the four Kumaras learnt the vedas in their childhood and become enlighten one.

They wander through the spiritual and materialistic world. During their journey, the ancients one explain further about a Jiva's journeys( living entity) from darkness to light in his uncountable births, ultimately get the moksha if one does good deeds, devotion as well as yoga. 

Moreover, They also mentioned that one ought to be freed from material items, carries on with a basic existence of peacefulness, commitment of Vishnu and follows the lessons of a decent master and experience Self-acknowledgment. 

One ought to understand that every single living thing are types of God. Without dedication and information, Living life are inadequate. What's more, when Maa Bhakti's both of child Gyan and Vairagya got old and feeble because of impact of Kaliyuga. 

First of all Srimad Bhagavat Maha Purana was spoken by four Sanat Kumara to Dev Rishi Narada in B.C.E. 3042(Just finishing 60 years in Kaliyuga or After death of King Parikshita) to restore Gyan and Vairagya in individuals of India.

1) Sat: God of walking,
2) Sanat: Daity of meditation,
3) Sanatan: Saint of reverence,
4) Sanandan: God of curse,

Sage Narad

(2) God Rishi Narad:-

The second eligible bachelor in the ancient time. Also known as messenger (postmaster) of Gods. He is vedic sage who is traveling musician with kartal, veena(a musical instruments) and storyteller, always devotee to lord Vishnu. Dev Rishi has mentioned all along the Vedic history of Indian myths. He gifted with the deep knowledge, and known as trikal darshi (Masters in present, past, and future vision). 

There are lots of legends about sage mentioned in Hindu text. He can sleep through the time and reach any realms. He was the essential source of data among Gods, and is accepted to be the primary journalist on Earth. 

In his past birth Narad was a Gandharva (heavenly being), who had been reviled to be conceived on a natural planet for singing wonders to the mythical beings rather than the Supreme Lord. 

He was conceived as the child of a house keeper hireling of some especially saintly priests. The ministry, being satisfied with the two his and his mom's administration, honoured him by permitting him to eat a portion of their food (prasad), recently offered to their ruler, Vishnu.

Maharishi Kapil

(3) Maharshi Kapila:-

Maharishi kapil is son of Prajapati Kardama and Devhuti (Daughter of Swayambhuva Manu who was the first man on earth in mankind). 

He had total seven sisters who got married to Saptarshis. He was prime decendant lord  Vishnu. On the top of that, he published world best "Shankhya Yoga" and "Dharshana Shashtra". Also, founder of "Ashta-Anga Yoga". Maharishi had taught these knowledge to his mother Devhuti. Moreover, he was also establisher of "Naath" & "Shiddha" Sampradaay. He decided to be not get married in his whole life. 

Afterwards, In 28th Treyayuga of 07th Manavantara (Vivasvan Manavantara) Maharshi Kapila had burnt 60,000 sons of 50th Ikshvakuvanshi King Sagara from his eye's fire. For liberation of those 60,000 souls River Ganga came to earth from heaven. He became the part of most important event in the history, that is greetings Ganga on earth from heaven.

Following Kings did penance to bring river Ganga.

- Anshumaan,

- Ashamanjasha,

- Dilipa,

- Bhagiratha.

Eventually, Bhagiratha succeed to bring river Ganga on earth.
There are few quotes were worldwide femous. However, among them, my favourite is, 

- Non-violence

"Fearlessness to all living beings from my side, Svāhā!"
        —Kapila, Baudhayana Grihya Sutra, 

According to Max Muller who studied Buddhism, 

"There are not any doubt certain notions which Buddha shares in common, not only with Kapila, but with every Hindu philosopher. 

It has been said that Buddha and Kapila were both atheists, and that Buddha borrowed his atheism from Kapila. 

But, atheism is an indefinite term, and should mean very various things . In one sense, every Indian philosopher was an atheist, for all of them perceived that the gods of the populace couldn't claim the attributes that belong to a Supreme Being (Absolute, the source of all that exists or seems to exist, Brahman). 

Kapila, when accused of atheism, is not accused of denying the existence of an Absolute Being. He is accused of denying the existence of an Ishvara."


(4) God Parashurama:- 

He born as Brahmin family, and is carried traits of Kshatriya. Also known as Brahmin warrior. Besides that, he carried variety of traits, including aggression, warfare and valor; also, serenity, prudence and patience. Like other incarnations of Vishnu. 

He was foretold to seem at a time when overwhelming evil prevailed on the world . The most essential events is that, god Parashurama had kill Unjust, Cruel & Rude Kshatriya Kings 21 times. Further more, he had kill Chakravartin Sammrat Shahastrabahu Kartivirya Arjuna of Haihaya Dynasty. The lagendary Saint ended three generation of King Sahastrabahu Kartivirya Arjuna.

What's more, God Parashurama is Guru of Pitamaha Bhishma, Guru Dronacharya & Karna. God Parashurama is doing penance since end of Dwaparyuga (BCE 3102). Parashurama corrects the cosmic equilibrium by destroying these Kshatriya warriors. He is additionally the Guru of Bhishma, Dronacharya, and suryaputra Karna. 

(5) lord kartikeya:

Skanda, (Sanskrit: “Leaper” or “Attacker”)also called Karttikeya, Kumara, or Subrahmanya, Hindu god of war who was the firstborn son of Shiva. 

The varied legends giving the circumstances of his birth are often discrepant with one another. In Kalidasa’s epic poem Kumarasambhava (“The Birth of the War God”; 5th century CE), as in most versions of the story, the gods wished for Skanda to vary state so on destroy the demon Taraka, who had been granted a boon that he could be killed only by a son of Shiva. 

They sent Parvati to induce Shiva to marry her. Shiva, however, was lost in meditation and wasn't curious about Parvati until he was struck by an arrow from the bow of Kama, the god of affection , whom he immediately burned to ashes. 

After a couple of years of abstinence, Shiva’s seed was so strong that the gods, fearing the result, sent Agni, the god of hearth , to interrupt Shiva’s amorous play with Parvati. Agni received the seed and dropped it into the Ganges, where Skanda was born. Skanda was reared by the Krittikas, six stars that structure the Pleiades and are the wives of the sage-stars who constitute the constellation Great Bear. 

Hence, Skanda is additionally called Karttikeya (“Son of Krittikas”). He developed his six faces to drink the milk of his six nurses. 

His relationship with Parvati is additionally acknowledged, and he's often depicted in painting and sculpture as a six-headed child held by his mother, Parvati, and amid his brother Ganesha. he's called Kumara (Sankskrit: “Youth,” “Boy”) because he's generally considered to possess never married. He has enormous strength and leads the military of the gods. When he planted his spear within the world , none could budge it save the god Vishnu, then mountains and rivers shook.

Swami Vivekananda

(6) Swami Vivekananda: 

There are many questions rise in the Google that, did Swami Vivekananda get married or was Swami Vivekananda married?

Well, this is the wired question, seriously, every one wants to know about it. Besides that, lots of questions in the search query, such as, 

- Did Swami Vivekananda married?
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Many more.... 

The answer is " No", because, Swami Vivekananda devoted his life in search of enlightenment. However, there are many proposals he had in his life. 

In 1883 Narendranath (pre-monastic name of Swami Vivekananda) passed B. A. examination and began taking lawyer's training as an apprentice of Nimai Chandra Basu, a friend of Vishwanath Datta (Vishwanath Datta was Swamiji's father). At that point , marriage proposals started coming for young Narendranath (at that point he was just twenty years old). Bhupendranath Datta, Swamiji's younger brother, wrote about this era .

On 30 September 1893, an interview of Swami Vivekananda was published within the Boston Evening Transcript. therein interview he was asked if he had an decide to marry. Overall he got refused to get married. 

when Swami Vivekananda visited the united states, a lady approached him and asked to marry her. Vivekananda was surprised and wanted to understand the rationale of such desire. The woman replied, she was amazed by Vivekananda's intellect and wanted to possess a toddler with similar intellect. Vivekananda listened to her points and replied, 

"I understand why you're wanting to marry me, but it'll take an extended time to urge a grown-up child with intellect like me. I can offer you a far better option at this moment. Become my mother and make me your child. That's how, your desire are going to be fulfilled immediately." 

The woman was speechless.

Bhishma Pitamah
(7) Devavrata/Pitamaha Bhishma:-

This Nobel Man originally known as Devavrata whose father is king shantunu and mother is goddess river Ganga. He was blessed by his mother Goddess Ganga that either he can choose the time of desired death or ha can remain immortal till he wants. 

He performed major role in  great Indian mythology "Mahabharata". He was world great archer in the history of India. On the top of that, king Shantanu saw a stunning woman on the banks of the river Ganges (Ganga) and proposed him. 

She agreed but with one condition that Shantanu wouldn't ask any questions on her actions. Shantanu accepted her condition and made a vow never to ask her anything for her actions. 

They married and she or he or he later gave birth to a son but drowned the child very soon after his birth. Shantanu couldn't ask her the reason, thanks to his promise, she would get away him. One by one, seven sons were born to them and were all drowned by Ganga. When Ganga was on the brink of drown the eighth son, Shantanu, devastated, couldn't restrain himself and confronted her. 

Finally, Ganga explained to King Shantanu about Brahma's mahabhisha and her. Then, she told him that their eight children were Eight Vasus who were cursed by the renowned sage Vasishtha to vary state on earth as mortal humans, however, once they pacified him. 

He limited his curse and told them that they might be free of this curse within a year of their birth as humans. So, she released seven of them from this life by drowning all of them. However, the eighth child Bhishma, was cursed to live an extended life and to never have a wife or have children. 

Nevertheless, the sage also gave a boon to him that he would be virtuous, conversant with all the holy scriptures and should be an obedient son to his father.

Amazing guy in the history, isn't he?

Goddess Kanya Kumari

(8) Kanya Kumari:

Devi kanya Kumari is incarnation of goddess Parvati as adolescent girl child. She also knows as Shree Bala or Shakti. 

Sage Parashurama is claimed to possess performed the consecration of the temple. The goddess is believed to be the one who removes rigidity of the mind; devotees usually feel the tears in their eyes or maybe inside their mind once they pray to the goddess in devotion and contemplation. 

According to history he never got married in her whole life. Currently, It is situated on the southern most tip of Indian Ocean of tamilnadu. Kanya kumari may be a hindu goddess. Since lord shiva didn't keep his promise to marry her on one particular day, she was very upset and angry, and her anger was diverted to kill the demons, followed by continuous penance. 

Moreover, devi kanya kumari also mentioned in ramayana, mahabharata, throught the history. The purpose of her birth was maintained order in nature among men kind and demons. Once upon a time, there was demon called Bana in the south side of India.  

Her solely purpose to born as adolescent girl child to kill Bana. During that childhood she devoted to lord Shiva. When shiva pleased with her worship.  
He decided  to marry Devi Kanya. Even Sage Narad was the proxy who helped her wedding in morning time. However, Naradji know that only young girl can kill Bala. 

Finally that merrage interrupted by Narad muni. Eventually, Dewi killed Bala and mentain the order of nature. Never got married.

Lord Hanuman

(9) Lord Hanuman: 

The great Hanuman who is divine monkey, Shivansh(part of shiva) and  companion of lord Rama who was originally God Vishnu. 

Their characters performed divine story called Ramayana. People still admired their acts which mention in Ramayana. He is also bramhachari ( lifelong celibate). His father name Kesari and mother Anjna. Originally by nature he was son of wind god Vayu who performed major roles in birth. There were many stories about his childhood. 

Once  when he got hungry, couldn't find any fruit. He imagined sun as mango fruit and tried to eat. At that time heaven king Indra hit powerful weapon called vajra. 

Hanuman become unconscious. Afterwards, wind god showed his angers in whole world and stopped wind. Due to that, whole living creatures suffuer to death. Eventually, group of god's appears in front of Vayu dev,  and blessed divine monkey with many skills. There after, sun become teacher of Hanuman and then interesting story begins when he met to lord Rama who was incarnation of Vishnu.  

He helped lord Rama to bring back his wife SITA from demon Ravan who was great worshiper of lord Shiva. He devoted his life to Rama, then being immortal In the material world to maintain peace. Many script of Mahabharata mentioned about Hanuman, which shows his longevity.


Thus, to draw the curtain it can be claimed saying that Living creatures can be legend according to their divine acts whether human, animal or god. They create revolution by their knowledge and creativity in society. Eventually, they become legend and Ideal for others. 
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