Importance of Pre Insurance Medical Check Up | Best tips with HealthPolicy.XYZ ~ Health Policy

Importance of Pre Insurance Medical Check Up | Best tips with HealthPolicy.XYZ

Importance of Pre Insurance Medical Check Up

Importance of pre-insurance check up - What is a Pre-Policy or Pre-Insurance Medical check-up?

Welcome, on behalf of Thanks for watching this hideout Topic for Today is "Pre-Insurance Health Check-up Consultancy fee is 499What is Pre-Insurance Medical Check-up? Whenever your policy is issued in an insurance company. The person responsible for issuance is known as underwriter, he checks your health status Whether you are Healthy or Not?

If a person is not healthy, no insurance company wants to give policy to him / her. In case of Chronic Asthma, Cancer, Heart Problem (Stent) or a Combo of BP and Diabetes Mostly companies refuse to give insurance policy to a person with such ailments. Another case is a Person with a chronic disease in young age Issuance of policy depends on business model of that insurance company.

Importance of pre-insurance check up

Every company has different underwriting norms. So, Company can give or refuse policy to such a person as per their underwriting norms. Most Company ask for Compulsory Pre-Insurance Medical Check-up, if you age crosses 46 years. The decision of issuance or rejection will depend on outcome of this Pre-Insurance Medical Check upmost company have clear guidelines that if out of 5 or 6 disease, any one is diagnosed in this check-up.

Then, they will issue the policy taking that disease as Pre-Existing Disease with waiting period. Many companies ask for loading amount at commencement of policy. Every company has different criteria. Recently, few companies have decided to waive off Pre-Insurance Medical check-up, even if your age is up to 60.

Its sounds very good that we can get policy without Pre-Insurance Health check-up. What are the Pros and Cons of such offer? In my opinion, there is not even a single benefit in buying a policy without Pre-Insurance Health check-up During Consultancy, we discuss with lots of our clients and try to identify a medical condition.

What are the tests usually conducted?

Many people say "We are perfectly fine, there is no medical history. Just a single tablet for BP on daily basis, as such I don't have any disease “They are not aware that taking a single tablet for BP makes them a Patient of Hypertension. So, Hypertension is your Pre-Existing Disease. It will have waiting period of 3 or 4 years in your insurance policy.

If you ignore in declaring it on an assumption that I am taking an insignificant medicine. Beware, this is a clear case of fraud or Non-disclosure of facts. While buying policy, if you do not declare this medicine unknowingly or intentionally. If insurance company came to know about this medicine after few years, then they will simply reject a related or unrelated claim.

Fewer chances of claim denial

Company has the right to cancel the policy also without any refund of paid premium. Many people are taking certain medicine and don’t understand the importance of declaring it, taking in a policy, where no Pre-Insurance Health check-up is done. Later on, their claims are rejected and premium paid for so many years, is also forfeited.

Many so-called big brands in India has started a wrong practice of issuing policy without Pre-Insurance Health check-up till Age 60. Only ONE person benefits from such decision. that is "THE INSURANCE AGENT “When a person is buying a policy for first time, mostly they are not aware of policy terms as well underwriting norms.

Only an Insurance agent is aware of this information. Our Consultancy fee is 499. We have seen numerous events in past many years, where insurance agent has not guided consumers properly. Some disease is not disclosed. In future, they faced problems in claim settlement. If no pre insurance health check-up has happened, then you are 100% dependent on your insurance agent. (Or a call centre employee in case of online policy)

Importance of Pre Insurance Medical Check Up

Reason one should get a health check-up

If you ever face a situation, where you have to choose a policy with medical check-up or without medical chuckwallas choose the Policy, which is asking for Pre-Insurance Health check-up. What are the benefits of choosing such policy? In beginning, there is some time wastage as well extra efforts in undergoing Pre-Insurance Health check-up.

Many times, an unknown disease is detected in Pre-Insurance Health check-up Biggest benefit of these efforts is ...Because you underwent that pre insurance medical check-up, whenever you face an issue in a claim in future, you will have an upper hand in such situation. You declared everything honestly in the proposal form, you went of company designated lab for the Pre-Insurance Health check-up.

Why one should get a health check-up?

The policy is duly issued by underwriter as per information in proposal form and Pre-Insurance Health check-up. In case of buying a policy without Pre-Insurance Health check-up, 99% chances are that client is not aware of all questions in proposal form. In case of online policy bought from either an online insurance website / broker or direct buying from company without pre insurance health checkup. If a dispute happen in a future claim after few years.

Its will be responsibility of the policyholder to prove any non disclosure / material fact. If company accuse a policyholder you have not disclosed the medicine at the inception of the policy. How will you prove it?Or in case of a genuine objection, you are unable to produce a medical document. In many instance, if a policy is being bought from Banks.

These are low cost policies and will sure close in few years. That is a major drawback. Mostly when a person is buying such low cost policy, they don't read the proposal form before signingIf Banker has not ask you all questions diligently or you forget to mention, then already mistakes has happened here.

So policy will be processed in incorrect manner as many things are not mentioned in proposal form.Our Consultancy fee is 499Many times, people see certain comfort in getting a policy without any hassle of Pre-Insurance Health Checkup.This way, its very comfortable to buy a policy in beginning. (Any such easy sale makes Insurance agent very happy)Buy in long term, there will be many problems.

The best time to get a health check-up and a term insurance?

Remember, whenever some dispute will happen in future, where the company has doubts as per your proposal form and material facts from treating doctor ..Your cashless is rejected and you have to apply for reimbursement.As Company has found during claim that you have hidden certain facts at the time of buying policy, they ask you for a medical document,Now Onus lies on policyholder to prove it.

A policyholder has to do lots of efforts in such a situation.My simple advice is "Why not put lessor efforts in the beginning, when you are buying a policy"So whenever you have a choice, Pl choose a policy with compulsory Pre Insurance Health Checkup.There are many policies for people above age 60, where no medical check up is required.

If you want to buy such sub standard product, Pl get a health checkup done on your own before you buy a policy.Whatever are the findings in such checkup, Share that in the proposal form of the company Whether you have done medical check up on your own, or it was company sponsored Annual Checkup.

To Remain Covered even in the Worst Condition

Whenever there is a diagnosis of a condition, even in future, Pl share it with company.Or have a review process established with your agent and discuss with him.Or Maintain that document in box file at Home.Insurance is a very simple product.But due to many elements, there is always a chance of mistake.

It can happen at Hospital It can happen while you are filling form (or even not reading it especially, when you buy online)Even your agent can do some mistake Sometimes medical check up are done wrongly. There are lots of human factors, which are involved, when you buy a policy.Whosoever commit a mistake, but its the policy holder, who suffers most.Mostly, it does not affect insurance company It's the Policy holder, who is signing the proposal form and declare following.

It Makes You Accountable towards Your Health

I hereby declare, on my behalf and on behalf of all persons proposed to be insured, that the above statements, answers and / or particulars given by me are true and complete in all respects to the best of my knowledge I further declare that I will notify in writing any change occurring in the occupation or general health of the life to be insured / proposer after the proposal has been submitted but before communication of the risk acceptance by the company.

Pl note, Its the Proposer, Who is solely responsible for declaring all facts ..We will keep on making more articles.I thank you for your support as we have completed one year of our channel today. (Jan 2019)If you see any value addition, Pl like and share this article, Pl subscribe our channel.If you click on bell icon after subscribing our channel, you will get notification as we release a new article.You can visit above article to see the process of our consultancy. Thanks for watching.

List of Pre-Policy Medical Check Up:

●Fasting blood sugar
●Blood pressure
●Lipid profile
●Blood serum test, etc.

These tests are not much of a hassle and are generally performed in the tie-up hospitals of the insurer. So, wade off the fear of pre-policy medical check up, choose the insurance plan as per your needs and enjoy full coverage.

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