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Insurance Ideas: Basic knowledge for some Policy Questions

  • Insurance Ideas: Basic knowledge for some Policy Questions

  • I lose my original policy insurance how can I get?

  • If you lose your insurance policy, you can contact your insurance company to get a new one. You will need to provide them with your policy number and some other identifying information. They may also be able to help you if you can't remember your policy number.
  • There are two kinds of insurance; a contract by which the insurer (insurance company) promises to pay a definite sum of money if the insured event is realized and an agreement where the insurer makes no such definite promise. If your policy is of the second kind, the insurance company is under no obligation to pay. However, that should not detract you from seeking compensation.
  • You can take help from Reputable Insurance Company. The two main types of insurance policies are the Life Insurance Policies and the Health Insurance Policies. The life insurance policies are divided into two types, which are the Term Life Insurance and the Whole Life Insurance.

  • If I have paid only one premium for an insurance policy and discontinued payments will I be able to redeem my paid amount?

  • The answer to this question depends upon the type of policy you have bought. Some policies provide a cash value which can be redeemed upon paying premiums for a few years. Availability of cash values may differ for various policies. You must decide whether it is worthwhile to continue paying premium for the policy. You could reduce your premium or discontinue paying for the policy.
  • In general, your policy will be reinstated if you pay the first and last premium and you will be able to claim the balance amount. It is confirmed by assessing the policy document as well as the law, which requires the insurance company to reinstate the policy, if you pay the first and last premium. The advantage of reinstatement is you can renew the policy and claim the paid balance amount. However, if you resume payment, the policy will be renewed from the date of reinstatement, which means the time when you interrupted the payment will not be taken into account. The disadvantage of reinstatement is if you already got rid of the policy and took a new policy, the paid amount will be treated as a non-deductible expense, which means you will lose the paid part of the previous policy. The time you pay the first and last premium should be within the grace period, otherwise, you will also lose the first and last premium.

  • Insurance policy may be included in which product?

  • Insurance policies are generally included in the product which is difficult to replace. For example, fire insurance is included in a house. The reason why it is included in the house and not in a car is the fact that it is more difficult to replace a house than a car.
  • The advantage of having insurance policy included in the product is that it is less expensive than if it were a separate product. The insurance policy is included with the product, so the buyers don't have to pay as much as they would have to pay if they had to buy the insurance policy separately. The disadvantage is that the buyers don't have a choice in the matter. It is either include the insurance policy with the product or not sell the product at all. If people have to a choice, they often don't choose to have the insurance policy included with the product. The reason for this is because they have reasons why they don't feel like having the insurance policy included. Their reasons may be price concerns, moral or ethical issues, or they might just not like insurance policies.
  • Insurance policies are normally not included in the software product because these policies may be altered by the insurance companies without any notice. In addition, the changes may be time consuming and expensive to implement. Insurance policies should be placed in the Readme files instead.

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